Real estate Tax structuring and transaction advice

Our multidisciplinary team will work with you to develop robust concepts to optimise your tax affairs. We specialise in real estate transactions and bring expertise from more than 30 years of tax consulting and auditing as well as a large number of real estate transactions (> € 1.000 million in the last 3 years) to the table. Together we develop strategies and stand by your side as a strong partner.

Our services include:
  • Advice on real estate transactions (especially real estate transfer tax and trade tax effects)
  • Advice to project developers and project financiers
  • Advice on business splits-ups, choice of legal form and commercial property trading
  • Advice on restructuring in multi-level corporate groups (accretion, change of legal form, merger and spin-off) and group financing through equity and debt capital
  • Financial and tax due diligence as well as tax valuation of companies

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